Category Processing API documentation.
The API for categories can either be in the form of JSON or standard query parameters. An example of each follows:
Example JSON Link
Example parameterized Link
The actual key/value components are identical, and so this document will only describe the JSON input.
Basic Wikipedia Links
In this example, the text is marked up with links to appropriate Wikipedia pages. The "tokenCount" can be changed to allow linking to pages with a different number of terms. The "key" is set to "TEST_ACCOUNT", which is restricted in the length of the "text" that can be used.
Disambiguation Links
The "disambiguation" type links each term to a popup with their associated disambiguation pages.
Category Links
In this example, html is generated with links that popup all of the categories associated with the term.
Basic Wikipedia JSON
This is similar to the previous example, but the output is now JSON. Notice that the "formatJSON" parameter makes the output human-readable, but should only be used when viewing in a browser since the formatting is performed with javascript.